Summer 2016 News Letter


Happy Summer Shredders!

TORCA has been busier than ever, focusing on some critical priorities for 2016 in addition to holding our regular trail work events and group rides.

The 2015 Pachanga featuring the 3rd Annual Poker Ride & Bike Demo was a huge success for all involved. Well over 100 participants attended three events, including Freeride Friday sponsored by Guerrilla Gravity, the Poker Ride & Bike Demo, and the first ever “Funduro” (a non-competitive enduro style event where the most average time wins the gold!).

One of TORCA’s most ambitious initiatives was its adoption of the CDO (Canada Del Oro) trail on the backside of Mt Lemmon. The Forest Service entrusted us with the daunting task of maintaining this very difficult to access, backcountry trail. Two trail work weekends were scheduled in the spring, but the weather had different plans. After rescheduling due to rain, a small crew of 6 brave folks carried cross-cut saws, mcleods, loppers, food, water, and sleeping packs into the woods and worked from dawn to dusk, removing 20+ deadfall trees. The second day included more of the same, as well as pruning of extensive overgrowth and fixing eroded areas. Day two concluded with volunteers driving UTV’s into Charleau Gap to pick up the haggard hikers/trail workers. It is a grueling endeavor, but one that culminates with the TORCA Group Ride on CDO in May! If you haven’t ridden this trail, it needs to be on your bucket list. CDO is on par with The Whole Enchilada or any of the greatest epic trails in the Southwest!

While TORCA is an organization made up of all disciplines of riders, there is a big piece of TORCA’s heart that belongs to Downhill! This February, Home Grown Mountain Biking Tours provided shuttles to eager Tucson riders to Phoenix’s South Mountain trail system to co-host an event with GROAZ (Gravity Riders of Southern Arizona). Big bikes were in play, as riders navigated the extremely rocky and technical terrain of trails such as Geronimo and National. Lunch was provided by GROAZ, a barbeque with all the fixin’s. There were some bumps and scratches, but everyone came out in one piece with huge smiles on their faces! This annual ride keeps growing, with most of the riders coming from Tucson! Represent!!

TORCA’s membership drive is ongoing, as we are a small non-profit organization completely funded by its members. With that, we were able to offer a raffle for a $200 shopping spree on Troy Lee Designs website! TORCA worked hard to get members to renew their memberships and add additional members, and at the Spring Bike Swap, the shopping spree was raffled off to Anthony Zepke! This TORCA original has been a supporter from the beginning. It was great to give him this gift in appreciation of his support. TORCA appreciates all of its’ members and understand that without you, we couldn’t do what we do!

In 2016, TORCA has spent dozens and dozens of hours working on the following trails:
Fantasy Island
Bug Springs
Aspen Draw

A new group ride was added this year, and incorporates a section of the Arizona Trail that is otherwise difficult to access, logistically. Home Grown Mountain Biking Tours provided a shuttle to 14 eager riders who started at Box Canyon and finished at Gabe Zimmerman trailhead. This 28 miles, many of which are descents, included the best of the AZT! The weather in February was amazing, and it will definitely be added to the itinerary of annual group rides.


2016 Pachanga planning has been in full swing! This year promises to break the mold and put Tucson on the map of mountain biking! We’ve capped the number of Bike Manufacturers at 10, allowing each manufacturer to showcase their fleet and get as many people in as many saddles as possible. You can expect the same 3 day format, with the addition of more group camping and functions in the evening. Stay tuned as this event comes together! This is an “all hands on deck” endeavor, so if you’re interested in volunteering, please get in touch!

Check out our calendar for upcoming events.


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