Dear TORCA Member,

Happy New Year!

I’m looking forward to a productive 2017 as your new TORCA President.

As a founding Officer of TORCA, I am and have always been personally invested in the success of this organization. TORCA was created out of a strong need for trail maintenance and “active” advocacy. Formed by a group of dedicated mountain bikers determined to make Tucson an epic place to ride, TORCA has evolved into a community of over 200 active members! And while those of us involved are proud of our accomplishments and hard work, there is still much to be done. Some of the things we will be working on in 2017 include:

  • Monthly Trail Work Days – Improving attendance and engagement, “One Day Per Year Pledge”
  • Forest Service “Adopt a Trail” Agreements – Currently hold agreements for maintaining Aspen Draw and CDO, proposing the addition Bug Springs
  • Arizona Trail Association Stewardship – TORCA has been awarded stewardship and is responsible for working on several segments of the AZT, including Prison Camp and Bellota
  • CDO Trail Reroutes / Maintenance – This special trail requires more love than any other, and if you have ridden it, you will agree it is worth the effort! Several overnight trail work days will be scheduled this year for fallen tree removal and possible re-routes for parts of the trail that are unsalvageable due to erosion.
  • Add Board of Directors – “It Takes a Village”, and we’re going to need new talent!
  • New Trails – Redington Pass addition of system trails to alleviate bike traffic on the road, Nogales area OHV/MTB trails in partnership with Trail Riders of Southern Arizona.
  • Increased Fundraising – Dedicated grant writer, continued support from generous donors, use to purchase UTV (necessary to access CDO and Bellota).
  • 5th Annual Pachanga – If you’ve been to the first 5, you know how this one is going down! Better than ever.

TORCA holds elections of its Officers annually, as required by our bylaws as a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. In 2017, TORCA will be represented by the following Officers:

            Tara Alcantara – President

            Vern Aikins – Vice President

            Kimberly Aikins – Treasurer

            Jeremy Sunshine - Secretary

Your membership contributes greatly to our ability to maintain trails and present a unified front to land managers, as well as put on events like TORCA’s fundraiser, the annual Pachanga. Consider getting involved… attend a Board Meeting or Trail Work Day. There are lots of opportunities to give your time and skills. And in addition to working hard, we always have a good time!

If you have questions, feedback, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly at 520.237.0129 or at TORCA is going to make great things happen in 2017.

Thanks for your support, and Cheers!



Tara Alcantara

TORCA President



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